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November 19, 2011


jeff shattuck

Here's the thing that kills me most: Congress knew that the markets were about to collapse -- Bernanke had addressed Congress -- and congressional leaders (Pelosi, Bohner, others) shorted the market! LEGALLY. That's right, Congress can engage in insider trading (using non-public knowledge to profit) legally. Unbelievable. Wall Street may be run by criminals, but Congress makes them look like saints. Of course, the Wall Street guys know what Congress is up to, so you can imagine how they felt as Congress "grilled" them. The hypocrisy of Congress... well, you just can't make this stuff up. No one would believe you.


I would not go anywhere near as far as saying Congress makes Wall Street look like saints but if what you say is true then that's truly insider trading that should be illegal like all other forms of it. Not sure how this is legal but it cleary should not be.

myv phillips

Dave - WE... and I am not talking The Royal, need you!
I'm totally frosted about all this too. What to do? I heard the New Mexican is going to publish a letter I wrote about the Wallmart extention on Cerrillos Road. That local story is about enough to make you want to jump in the lake, but then, one (and I am talking The Royal now) has to remember that it's not a lake, it's fabricated by the yes, Royal Corps of Engineers. I digress! Myv.


But you digress humorously as usual Myv!

I truly don't know what to do. I think we simply have to hope people understand- and try to convince as many people as possible - that next November will be a simple choice between people who, for all their own faults, care about all Americans and those who only care for themselves and the rich because they either are already rich or hope to become rich after their terms in office (ie Scott Brown).

I just saw a very emotional and logical John Kerry on Meet The Press saying that Republicans on the super committee are again allowing a pledge to a lobbyist (Grover Norquist) to stand in the way of doing what they KNOW is right for the country. I'll say what I've said before - I feel sorry for old school Republicans because their party has been hijacked by clowns. It's a shame many will vote Republican just because they always have and may not realize the damage that mindless vote could cause.

It feels like the 60s all over again to me - here we are fighting for basic human rights and dignity, fights we thought were already a part of history. We even have members of the 1% coming forward saying, Yes, please tax us more, and still the Republican Clowns won't change course.

I wish I believed in god because then I could believe in hell...knowing there's a special place or two being reserved for John Boehner and that slimy shit Eric Cantor. I'll just have to console myself that History will paint them as the villains they truly are, up there with George W. Bush. I'd prefer "down there" but I just don't think it exists. Heaven and hell are both here on earth - and we choose which we want to build. I think in their heaven everyone is rich...in ours, everyone is cared for if not happy. Big difference.

jeff shattuck

Dave, it's true, here's a link.



Ridiculous. Another loophole that needs closing...urgently.

How can a member of congress be allowed to do something that would put an ordinary citizen in jail?

That said, they've been getting away with murder for decades.

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