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September 13, 2011


Jeff Shattuck

BofA is an utterly shit bank, was even before they were acquired by Nationwide (yes, Nationwide acquired BofA, because BofA had made too many bad loans to South America and could be bought on the cheap). That said, I think the Dems are as much to blame for BofA's survival. Really, both sides talk about "too big fail". Bull, too big to succeed is what the phrase should have been. And why so big? Because Dems and Repubs repealed the Glass Steagall Act, which said you could be a bank, or a brokerage or a savings and loan, not two or, worse, all fucking three. Today, the big banks are all three, and no one has the ethical fiber (save for maybe Buffett) to manage such a Beast of Conflicting Interests. And I am disgusted that Obama has not only done zilch to reinstate Glass Steagull, he has utterly caved to the banks for fear of his campaign finances getting a little light (he even punted Tall Paul for a spell!). What a jellyfish he is. Yes, I know you like him, but in my opinion, the man has neither a backbone nor the ability to lead. He is, without a doubt, the greatest political letdown of my life, and I'm a centrist, in that I support liberalism, just not centralized liberalism. And I voted for the fucker! Argh!!!


Why would he waste time trying to reinstate Glass Steagall - which I'm sure he would like to do - when you know the Repubs would just filibuster the effort. You are blaming the wrong man. If he is not reelected next November this country will truly become part of the third world - and the poor will rise up in revolution. The Repubs have moved the center - so beware of calling yourself a centrist. I know you too well to accept your definition of yourself. Obama is not perfect - nobody is. But the current Repubs are so uncaring and clearly bought by big business...supporting State authorized murder...supporting forcing women to have children they don't want...forcing god into politics against the very smart concept of separation of church and state. Good grief, the list goes on. So let's not look for perfection, let's look for humanity however flawed. Perry is proud of executing 234 people...proud of it...and refuses to accept that any one of them might have been innocent due to that same imperfect humanity. I truly hope one day he finds himself on death row...in Texas! As Obama often says, we are better than this...this is not who we are. But face the reality, it's what the Republicans want us to be. So perfection is not the issue...the issue is choosing the best of our two options. And to me there is absolutely no option: if we don't vote for the better of the two options we empower the lesser of the two options. 38 Republican senators voted against emergency aid for states affected by Hurricane Irene. They are not politicians...they are not even human beings...they are heartless bastards who want to take this country back to a time I'm not sure ever existed except in their racist, twisted minds. Remember, perfection will never be on the ballot - but evil will be!

Jeff Shattuck

I agree with you about the Repubs, but feel the same about the Dems. As for Obama himself, he's still the best of a bunch of bad choices, but I was hoping he would truly be a good choice the second time around. Glass Steagall is a big, big deal and to re-instate it would have won him points with Repubs and Dems, I really believe that. Instead, he let himself be bought by the very interests he swore to fight; worse, he offered up nothing of his own. His financial reform package, like his healthcare bill, is an incomprehensible mess, a make-work program for lawyers. And to top it all off, he let GS become a bank holding company; never spoke out against it, just rolled over and did it. And now GS can borrow money from the discount window for a buck and lend it for two (not really, but still...), collecting beefy profits along the way. And to those who point to GS's stock price and say, "See, they're not doing that well", um, GS could care less about its stock when it can get greenbacks for near free. I could go on and on, but I won't! Or did I already?

Markus Pierson

Uhhh, call me stupid, but when was 5% profit an acceptable "norm", and to whom? Was this the sixties? Did you mean Ma Bell? G.E.? IBM? G.M.? Were you on acid during that time? Trust me, they did a whole lot better than 5%, Dave. The problem with your conveniently simplistic view of corporations as evil, uncaring, and short-sighted, is that a HUGE percentage of their profits go to state government pension funds, funds who own their stock, and whose directors will hold these C.E.O.s feet to the fire regarding their fiduciary responsibilities if they don't maximize profits. Whoops, sorry - didn't mean to distract you from from your hatred of republicans. God knows, you do it so well. Practice makes perfect, I suppose. Carry on.



First Markus I think you confuse profits with revenues. But that said, I was probably wrong to say 5% was ever an acceptable profit level for major corporations. Small businesses? Sure.

But my figures were meant to demonstrate a trend, a trend I believe and know to be absolutely true. I was given such profit targets when I worked for major global advertising agencies and they never took into account economic realities - it was make the increased numbers no matter what.

And I do not hate Republicans - several of my friends and people I respect are Republicans. As I said in a previous post I feel sorry for them because their party has been taken over by idiots. I do hate bigotry, I do hate racism, I do hate arrogance - and therefore I hate the people who display these attributes regardless of political party.

Your "acid" comment was cheap, unnecessary, personal and, as a self-proclaimed "artist", was beneath you.

Give my best to your lovely wife.

Markus Pierson

I've looked at your blog posts many times, Dave. After awhile I just relegated them to the "spam" column, but for some reason the last two popped back up into my "inbox", so I read them. Like the other ones I've read, it included unrelenting hostility and anger toward anyone conservative, including more than a few references to them being "evil". Full disclosure - my father was a conservative republican...... and an elegant, lovely, gracious, giving man, not to mention being a small-businessman. His experiences with government were, shall we say, perhaps less positive than yours. Perhaps my post contained within it a indignant defensiveness for my dad, now passed on, as he did not fit your stereotypical notion of what motivates a conservative to conclude what they do. My apologies. I wonder if you would type what you do if you had any idea how hurtful it can be to those whose thinking isn't in lockstep with yours. Hate is hate, coming from the right or the left. Alas, whatever comes forth from your fingertips now will have to be a mystery for me, as I'm turning you back into spam. I'll use an advertising term - I'm not your "target market". I meant no disrespect in my comment about acid. Like Keith Richards, I did my share. As for it being "beneath" my artistic higher calling to comment as I did - like anyone, I'm a patch quilt of experiences, both high and low, some graceful, some not. My art, like me, has moments of grace, and moments of folly. Politically, I have both conservative and liberal views, but I see both this president and the last as good men doing their best in uncertain times. Flawed men, but good men just the same. Like I said in my last post: call me stupid. Many do. Be well. My best to you and yours, and I'll pass your well-wishes on to Sher. Catch ya later, Alligator.


My dad - also dead - was a union organizer. He was very doubtful when I entered "management" but learned to accept our differing views.

I now find he was right mire often than I was.

I am not a hater. I call things evil that are evil. Some things are simply inhumane...racism etc...and therefore believers in evil are evil by definition.

Bush has the blood of Americans on his hands...Americans who died for no justifiable reason in Iraq - a country that while it may well have been ruled by an evil man had never attacked us and had nothing to do with 9/11. I cannot possibly see him and Obama as both "good men". There is no moral comparison that holds water.

My greatest sadness...that by returning me to spam you, like many others, are not willing to hear the other side of the argument. That, my friend, is what is destroying this country.

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