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April 11, 2012


Jeff Shattuck

For what it's worth, I've always thought SF audiences were more worried about looking cool and unimpressed than appreciative or, god forbid, enthusiastic. I've exceptions, but I've seen the rule more.


Ha! That could well be the case. But the audience seemed generally older - not too worried about how cool they looked. Not too many younger people at all. I think they were all up the street getting drunk in the lobby of the Clift.

I think another facet of this - which is reflected on Broadway and why places like BAM are so valuable - is that many were, I'm sure, tourists. Between them looking for lighter fare and maybe having language difficulties with the culturally sophisticated and quick-fire dialogue of someone like Pinter this explains why so much "theater" today is of the Andrew Lloyd Webber variety.

Malachy Walsh

San Francisco is not a theatre town.


Malachy - love your directness! And your "correct" spelling of theatre!

Must make it tough for a playwright married to an actress. The equivalent of me, a musician, living in an Amish community!

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