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April 28, 2012


Jeff Shattuck

I love this tune. Politically, of course, I'm in a different spot. Yes the Republicans have gone off the rails, but the Dems are as dangerous in their own way because of their desire to save us from ourselves. Their plans basically depend on using the power of government to solve problems rather than letting things play out. All historical evidence shows that free markets governed by clear laws give people the best shot at being who they want to be. The constant tinkering of government never ends well. Markets fail, too, but they're expected to and the boom and bust is a natural cycle. To fight it so hard, to try to make black swans extinct, as the Dems and especially Obama, tend to do is to ignore history, to say "it's different this time". It's not.


Well, as I've said before, I don't totally disagree with you about "free markets governed by clear laws" but this requires honorable, trustworthy people running the countries companies and banks who do not spend all their time finding ways around those clear laws. Unless we plan to breed a whole new set of industry leaders, we cannot return to truly free markets. That freedom routinely gets abused.

My other big concern is that business is only part of the story. Yes, the economy is the single most important thing that drives everything else. But, that said, the social program of the current Republican party is despicable. They do not deserve to run the economy unless they accept they are running it to benefit all Americans.

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