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March 17, 2012


Studio Maven

A) It would help if our media outlets spent less time "reporting" about some drunk, quasi starlet leaving a limo genitals first with no underwear and gave us some news of the world.

B) The contraceptive thing is a carry over from days gone by, when disease and death was rampant. The church needed "fannies in the pew" to perpetuate its existence. In modern times those ideas are no longer pertinent. Except, as you may have noticed, the Catholic Church is a tad slow on modern thought. Not to mention the fact that as the earth fills up with people it is disrespectful to one of "his" most greatest creations, as overpopulation hastens the Earth's demise.

C) My theory is tired old sexless men (usually white, often of the tribe politico) who had bought into the notion of no premarital sex and who end up with some withered nag for a spouse are extremely bitter towards those who had the good sense to "take a few pre-marital" test drives. The pontificators feel compelled to inflict the misery that they brought upon themselves, to everyone else. Fuck that.


SM - Well said. I will just point out to my British readers that "Fanny" here in the USA is your backside. Not what it means in the UK. Although it this case, it works either way!

Your last point would certainly seem to explain the many extra-marital shenanigans that have needed a few political careers in the past few years.


Damn...can't write today...I meant "in this case" and "ended a few"...brain and fingers disconnect!

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