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March 01, 2012



Dave, love these back-stories. I do think the gains of the 60s have held on pretty strong. although right now the Republicans are pushing very hard to reverse many of them. They won't succeed, though. I really believe that what's happening right now is the death throes of the GOP as we know it, a party beholden to religious zealots. Going forward, I hope and trust the Repubs will rediscover their true causes of federalism and individualism and forget all this Bible thumping bullshit. At least I can dream!


I truly hope it's the death throes of the GOP. Although I worry what will replace it!

Separation of Church and State was the most inspired idea ever. None of this shit would be happening if we lived by it.

As for those "true causes" - I'm not sure federalism works in a global economy. It might have when the States were so minimally populated and distant from each other. But this is now clearly one country and must behave as such. It's crazy that something that is legal in one state can get you arrested in the next! The world beyond our shores must think we are nuts. Imagine if something legal in London got you arrested in Bristol - the Brits would never accept anything as silly as that. We do.

And the GOP definition of "individualism" seems to be "fuck you, I'm OK" - the right of the individual to make money even when it's at the obvious loss of American society and culture as a whole.

The GOP just doesn't seem to understand the basic truth that we cannot all be born smart or lucky. Life without benevolence and compassion must be a sad and lonely experience. Boehner hasn't looked happy for one day since he got his dream job. Dreams and nightmares are the same thing after all.

Glad you like the background stuff!

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