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February 14, 2012


Darryl Wetherall

Dave - I am genuinely envious !!

6 & 12 string guitar is one of my all-time favourite albums. Period. I've had 3 copies of this LP over the past 40 years (a UK Sonet & 2 US Takoma pressings), and also own the CD - even this is showing signs of wear ....

Does his voice still sound like 'geese farts on a muggy day' ? Bach had 20 children because his organ didn't have any stops, etc, etc ...

I still watch his enforced, more restrained style of playing in recent years via YouTube clips with absolute awe. A legend indeed.


The geese fart a little less frequently than they used to! I think he sang maybe four songs the whole evening - preferring to stick to instrumentals. Nothing wrong with that!

With Fahey gone it's just nice to know someone like Leo is still playing.

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