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February 20, 2012


Markus Pierson

What a beautiful tribute. So well written, I'm actually saddened at knowing it's too late for me to ever get the chance to be introduced to him. My condolences, Dave....... or should I say, "Daaaaaave!"

steve centrillo

Dave, sorry to hear this sad news. I didn't know him well, but you are right, he was a gentleman.


I knew Craig, and am shocked by our loss of him. Dave, your words were great, and I am so glad that you and others had a chance to know him like I did. His laugh was infectious, and he was always up. And yes, he did make all of us feel much more special.

Hugh hutson

I received a call from craig"s girlfriend telling me of his passing. I cannot believe I have lost a friend like Craig. He brightened my life. I will miss the laughs and times we had. He was such a rare, extraordinary person. There is only one Craig. I know he will pave the way for me.

If anyone knows about a funeral or memorial, please contact me. If anyone wants to get together to honor his life, I would be happy to host it.

Hugh Hutson


The celebration--open to all who care to pay their respects and reminisce--is slated for this coming Saturday, March 3, starting at 2:30 pm at Tate USA's Santa Monica quarters.



Michelle - I so desperately wish I could be there but it's too late for me to get a flight from Santa Fe. Thanks for posting this here - I hope many of Craig's friends make it to the celebration! My thoughts will be with you all...and with Craig.

Leslie Snow (aka Lulu)

Dave, I was Craig's assistant in the 90s. I remember fun time in Palm Springs! His positive light will be missed.

Sarah Liles

So many kind, appreciative thoughts about Craig. I can only add my name to the list of people who feel incredibly fortunate to have had him in our lives...for far too short a time. May the wind rise to carry you on your journey, Craig.

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