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January 06, 2012


Michael Vines

That is amazing. Coincidentally, I was talking to a musician I know yesterday named Kyf Brewer (know him?) and I asked him about how he writes his songs, what instrument he uses, and whether he picks out a melody or just sings it, and he kind of laughed sheepishly and said, "I write 'em in dreams."


I do not know Kyf...but if he dreams all his songs he's really streamlined the process. It beats sweating over keyboard and fretboard for days on end trying to get something right!

Not sure if I'll ever use this one, however, not my usual style - although I do like some of the lines in it.

Here's to never being "crippled down below."

Paul Cammarota

I don't know... McCartney swears he woke up with "Yesterday" in his head. Played it for George Martin to see if he recognized the tune. He didn't. McCartney was sure there was no way he'd thought/dreamt/composed it on his own. But apparently he did.


Well, it sure as hell is not Yesterday...but I see your point. The story says he woke with the melody but no lyrics and that for a long time it was called Scrambled eggs...same syllables as Yesterday.

Studio Maven

Coincidentally 12 steps is also the main slammy jammy of a particular organization that pertains to refraining from bar time activities. Keith Richards also claimed to have dreamed up the riff for Satisfaction. You may be wired to another consciousness son. Keep a tape recorder by your bed. Be careful that nefarious media outlets do not get a hold of other bedtime activities in case you become justly famous. Take some quality antacids and edit, edit, edit. How #$%&*^% complicated has life become? Sheesh.


I'm amazed nobody has written the 12-Step Blues. Perhaps they have and I just haven't heard it.

Jeff Shattuck

Very cool story and song. I know I've dreamt of songs in dreams, but I've never been able to remember even a note. You should record this, maybe with the Ukelele, give it a twist!


I might use it - might not. We'll see. If I can write a 12 bar melody that works. I don't think Ukulele goes with "pounding in my head" - maybe something more like Dylan's Lonesome Day Blues.

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