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December 06, 2011


Studio Maven

First off, I have one of those jammies (among others, much to my chagrin). That card is difficult to scan because of its unusual orientation. The best thing consumers can do is a massive bank transfer to more friendly banks such as Ally or various credit unions. I got lambasted once for such sentiment but Ally for instance, while having no physical ATMs, refunds the fees.

I have had a few difficult years about which I will partially recant not for sympathy but for illustration. It is important to note that my problems are due to my own mistakes and situations beyond my control. This is called life. I blame no one, not conservatives, democrats or illegal immigrants waiting outside Home Depot. No violins are necessary.

Had a hard time finding good work. Exhausted my savings. Sold some possessions. Worked through 7 temp agencies in my field and also did some construction/painting/plumbing type work on a low level which I was and am proud of. I ALWAYS paid my mortgage and credit cards, was NEVER late. Did without some things (which in comparison to those who are in truly dire straits means nothing). My credit score was once 780 and is currently 705-716 mostly due to income to debt ratio. I found a fair job but am unable to pay down my debt. Just treading water. Go to my major bank, Bank of America and wanted to refinance one loan and pay off a credit card with them that I owe a reasonably substantial sum. Would save $450 a month. Answer: no. I was actually told by other people with no BOA affiliation that it would be better for me NOT to pay my mortgage for 5 months and get some government assistance. Go to another broker who I told every financial detail to. I was told it would be "no problem" only to be told that unemployment does not count as income (tell that to the IRS). I am fine and will fight my way out of this on honorable terms. However, when the day comes that I am back on track (and I assure you it will) I will close every penny from BOA and never use a another major "bank" again as long as I live. The end.


Not an uncommon tale, unfortunately. But you seem to be tackling it with uncommon determination. Many have taken the path of deliberately defaulting on their mortgages.

My money - what little there is - is moving from Wells Fargo to Los Alamos National Bank for the simple reason that despite its name it's NOT national! And to a local Credit Union.

I am a great believer in the fact that good things come out of bad times. I think this country is learning powerful lessons - except for those who caused the problems in the first place who will never learn and must be bypassed.

I am not automatically anti the 1% - just those who are anti the 99%.

Keep up your efforts. They will pay off.

Studio Maven

I agree wholeheartedly that these times have actually needed to occur and are a great life lesson. It also separates people with empathy (which like saying good morning to someone, costs absolutely nothing) from the selfish, sanctimonious, greedy and graceless blowhards that dot the landscape like swarming starlings. However, my girl was somewhat taken aback after she caught me hovering over her with a miners lamp and crowbar checking for gold fillings at three in the morning...

May you and those you love be happy and healthy this holiday season and beyond.

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