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December 20, 2011


Markus Pierson

Wow, Dave - now THAT is good stuff. Excellent food for thought. I am a believer, but I see the hereafter as having infinitely more forgiving and compassionate "entry fees" than what I perceive some religions as stating. It troubles me that any group whose foundation is compassion for others could permit any knowledge that, because of improper rule following, some of their loved ones will one day face eternal torture and damnation. If they are as they say, wouldn't their only desire, their only subject of prayer, be to find a way to solicit their creator to change those rules? How could you nonchalantly rest in Heaven, grinning ear-to-ear year after year, knowing others you once knew and loved are undergoing unrelenting torment that will last for, literally, trillions of trillions of years? At some point, wouldn't your only prayerful desire be to take their place? Just a thought. I know - I'm trouble regardless of subject matter. It's just my way. Happy Holidays to you and yours, and forgive me for saying it, but - may God bless.


Markus! Happy to know I made it out of the Spam folder!

I'm with you on the contradictions common to pretty much all organized religion. It seems to me that many people simply cannot decide between the compassionate god and the vengeful god.

That said, I have always believed in the right of every person to believe whatever they want. The missionary style imposition of belief is the only thing I am passionately against.

So I accept your blessing with thanks. And wish you and yours a healthy, happy and productive 2012.

Markus Pierson

On this matter, you and I are as one. Feels good. You never actually made it into the spam folder, try as I might. God's will, perhaps? The foundation of my belief system is based on the times in my life when I have changed course and soon felt an otherworldly wind at my back - a wind I knew was not of my own making. I seek that wind in all my choices, and sometimes I use it as a helpful guide. It has blessed me, that wind, and I am humbled and thankful for that blessing. Religions come and go, I will come and go, but that wind..... is eternal.

Jeff Shattuck

Dave, really enjoyed reading this. Even with all I've learned about the brain, this has given me some new ideas.

PS - You have got to name a song or an album Soul's Midnight.

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