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December 04, 2011


Studio Maven

Beautifully said. Stay thirsty, not angry. Easier said than done.


Thanks SM. It is, as you say, hard not to be angry. But the main thing is to constantly point out the stupidity and work constructively to end it. When I look at the sci-fi movies I grew on that treated the years beyond 2000 as 'the future', we were supposed to be so smart by now. What the hell happened?

Jeff Shattuck

My favorite line is this is "take your luck and be grateful for it". All these guys who makes gazillions of dollars need to give luck its due, it played a role. Cool tune, can't wait to hear the music.


Thanks Jeff. That's partly what that line is a about and partly the fact that I do not begrudge people being successful (I'd like to make more money myself having known what it's like) but I do believe the luck factor means rich people should be willing to help others more than they do. They are clearly not the "job creators" the Repubs talk about - if they were we would have more jobs already. They are simply wealthy and luck has played a big part in that wealth so they should actually want to help the country that enabled their success. Greed is killing this country. When I wrote "you want to help your brother" I was hoping it is true. I'm truly not sure.

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