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November 27, 2011



Amen to that!


D, Have you also noticed that the majority of the emails in the inbox are now just someone trying to sell you something? Which also refers back to what you said about "... the future of communication is mindless." but that future, sadly, is the now.

Dave Tutin

There are so many examples.

Also, the basic quality of written communication is in the toilet. Just today, Stuart Elliot - with whom I seldom agree on advertising - gives a classic example in the NY Times. He quotes a piece of advertising that says, "Tell us what you've always wanted to do, on Facebook." Of course, what the writer meant was, "Tell us, on Facebook, wanted you have always wanted to do."

The thought that the writer considers himself or herself a professional and is probably being paid quite a lot of money just makes me mad.

Jeff Shattuck

Dave, you are spot on about Google. I know a guy who's very high up there (hangs with Sergey and Larry) and we've talked about this issue many times. According to my friend, Google's goal is to handle communication with users in two ways and only two ways: community and computers. Personally, I think it's a bold move, but as Google seeks to grow beyond search, customer service will matter more and more and they won't have it. Not smart, I don't think, but then Google is the smartest company in the room, right? What the hell do I know?


I think there is already the beginnings of a backlash against the modern definition of customer service - which seems to be "none" or "someone off-shore". Both should be unacceptable to any company that wants us to think and say nice things about it. So, yes, not smart on Google's part.

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