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November 04, 2011



Fracking already responsible for two tremors in Lancashire UK. Company have insisted that they have "new" early warning measures in place in order to alert THEM as to an impending tremor or quake. Oh that's ok then.


Richard - I read about those incidents. And, you are right, all the reassurances of companies like these just ring more and more hollow as we learn we simply cannot believe a word they say. If we could direct the earthquakes to only happen beneath the mansions of the company directors we might see a different response!

What makes me smile (if that's the right word) is that having an early warning of an earthquake is like getting advance notice that the sky is falling. It also is an implicit recognition that they know they do indeed cause earthquakes in the first place.

They clearly think that with an advance warning they simply stop fracking and the impending quake will not happen. Yeah, let's see how that works out!

myv phillips

Let's try fracking close to the San Andreas fault. It would be a good place just to test things out methinks.
I'm frosted by all this stuff too. I had a friend take her money out of B of A on Rodeo Road last week, and they dealt with her poorly, almost asking her to leave the premises when she started to explain why she was there to some people sitting in line next to her. The rest of almost everything in the news too. Disappointing is not the word I had in mind. Then, I'm sad today because one of the very last of a good breed of man has died. Andy Rooney.There are very few of those old newspaper/editorial room guys left now. I'll miss him. I've missed him for the last two months, since he retired from his 3 1/2 minutes on 60 Minutes.

Jeff Shattuck

Good post. Hate Exon and BofA, never heard of the natural gas guys, but I am familiar with fracking. Don;'t know enough about it though to comment. As for a good place to keep money, I recommend Schwab. Been with them for years, all ATM fees waived! Plus, i can indulge in my stock picking fantasies.


I had a Schwab account years back when I dabbled in stocks. Then I had the unfortunate pleasure of pitching for their account and learned first hand what a bunch of bozos they were. Still, no different to most companies I guess and I had no major issues with them when I was a customer. It was a nightmare trying to close the account however. Something I've seen with lots of banks too - they'd rather you keep an account with nothing in it than actually cease to be a customer. I'm going the credit union/local bank route as I have zero dealings with the stock market and zero desire.

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