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August 24, 2011


Jeff Shattuck

A great lyric. My favorite part is:

"You’ll say it’s strange

I don’t seem to change

I’ll say the same about you

You’ll say that I

Still know how to lie

I’ll say it’s just not true"

Can't wait to hear the music.


I'm hoping you can look forward to a flood of music pretty soon!

I think my "acoustic" album will be done this year. The "band" album may be early next.

I have finished songs already and am very tempted to post them. But I am forcing myself to wait until the album is ready.

Malachy Walsh

The nostalgia of this is beautiful. It's interesting that the poem suggests how hard beaten we can be by the future. I wonder if there's another poem lurking from the pov of the person being greeted in the street - the "you."


Ah there's always other things lurking!

Obviously Santa Fe has been kind to me creatively. My next album (mainly acoustic) will be a 2-CD set with 17 songs. The next (full band) has 13. And I still have 23 songs yet to be properly recorded!

Right now I'm focusing on other things 'cos I need more songs like I need another birthday!

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